Croagh School of Music


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AThe Croagh School of Music was founded in 2001 by two music graduates Darren Murphy and Marian Giltenane. From our humble beginnings of a garden shed, (yes a garden shed!), we moved to our present purpose built building in 2005 and has expanded to circa 700 students with a large staff body.


The school prides itself on the standard and quality of its staff most of whom have trained and performed both at home and abroad which can only be matched in large urban centres. As musicians and educators we strive to maintain high standards of teaching and realise that building relationships with pupils and parents alike is an important aspect

that encourages would be musicians.


The school provides tuition equally in all the main genres classical, traditional, jazz and rock and over a wide variety of instruments with graded exams available throughout the year for those who wish to enter, while many learn simply for pleasure both young and not so young!  The school provides numerous opportunities for performance in some external locations, Milk Market, Hunt Museum, UL concert hall not to mention our own performance space.


For us, Croagh School of Music is more than a school

but a community in itself, a place of warmth, encouragement and opportunity, and lots of fun whilst providing the highest musical standards.

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